Wild Bunch Action Shooting









Wild Bunch matches are somewhat new to Boomtown, but the fascination with this genre of shooting is growing quickly. Though the sport is similar to Cowboy Action Shooting, WB uses 1911 pistols in .45 acp, lever action rifles chambered for pistol caliber of .40 and above, and model 1897 12ga. pump shotguns. The action is hot and heavy and the lead flies as they shoot down range as well as having lateral movement, more pistol and shotgun rounds fired per stage and a variety of reactive targets such as plate racks, dueling trees, moving targets and rifle/pistol knockdown targets as well. Contestants shoot in several one-to-three gun stages (courses of fire) in which scoring is based on accuracy and speed.


Each participant is required to adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century, or a Hollywood western star, and develop a costume accordingly. SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting is a combination of historical reenactment and Saturday morning at the matinee. Participants may choose the style of costume they wish to wear, but all clothing must be typical of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Western style pants, with or without suspenders, and long sleeve western shirt, are appropriate. Vests are optional. Boots must be SASS legal. Mexican dress is also appropriate. Emphasis is put on a period of US military from 1900 to 1916 and Edwardian period fashion.


Wild Bunch action is based on the movie produced by Sam Peckinpah, which captured the new west from the beginning of the 1900's to the beginning of World War I. The old west was fading and lawmen developed a respect for the Browning 1911. The movie set in 1913 is about a gang of aging outlaws who would like to have one last hurrah. Led by Pike Bishop, they are trying to exist in a changing world.


American history buffs and serious shooters alike agree the use of vintage firearms, authentic costuming, unique targets, and fast action make Wild Bunch Action Shooting one of the most interesting of all shooting sports for both spectator and contestant.


The SASS Wild Bunch Handbook includes the specific rules, regulations, and general guidelines adopted by the Single Action Shooting Society.















Burt the Undertaker and Kananaskis Kid

Shoot it out Wild Bunch Style!



















SASS Wild Bunch Matches recognize two basic shooting categories based on the 1911 pistol. The two categories are Modern and Traditional. Requirements are as follows:



・ Modern and Traditional style pistols are allowed. May be shot in any shooting style.

・ Any legal rifle or shotgun may be used.



・ Only traditional style pistols are allowed.

・ Must be shot one handed, unsupported (duelist style). Weak hand may be used for

loading, racking slide, and in case of malfunctions. Any legal rifle or shotgun may be used.




Four Categories are always offered: Traditional and Modern (for men and boys only), and Lady Modern and Lady Traditional. If there are enough shooters and demand warrants it, age-based categories such as seniors may be offered.




・The primary Category must have a minimum of 10 shooters. For instance, Traditional must have 10 shooters before a Senior Traditional category can be added.

・ A Senior category must have a minimum of five shooters. The age requirement is 65 and above.