Showdown in the Valley, 2020

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Valley Regulators host this exciting club shoot yearly, often on the August long weekend. Shooters have come from many provinces, with the strongest showing from British Columbia and Alberta. The club has also seen shooters come from the United States and even Europe.

                Showdown Scores



Showdown in the Valley, 2011

Showdown in the Valley, 2013

Close-ups to show the real cowboys and cowgirls with a smile on their faces!

Awards given out, though everyone is a winner in this sport!

Showdown, 2016

Top Gun,

Showdown, 2016


Showdown, 2016


Showdown in the Valley


As grasshoppers chirp and the heat beats down,

you know you're in Courtenay so don't you frown.

Showdown time in the valley so dry,

with costumes and cheers as the lead does fly.

Pushing through stages before you melt.

New shooters and old in the posse you're dealt.

Long distance rifle up over the way,

to see who's the best at the end of the day.

Potluck and burgers which are so fine.

You never know on what you'll dine.

Evening draws in skeeters and no-see-ums.

Overhead the call of the nighthawk comes.

Sunday begins under sweltering sun,

but only four stages left of the fun.

Then we wait over lunch for technology to churn,

the rankings and placements we're waiting to learn.

With good natured ribbing and laughter all round,

the friendships are genuine, the best to be found.


                              Lanark Rose

                              August 1, 2015